Monthly Archive: October 2015


Three Character Traits Every Believer needs to Develop:

It may just be “bragging if you can back it up” (Dizzy Dean, Muhammad Ali, Reggie Jackson, others) – but it’s still arrogant! Believers aren’t perfect; just forgiven. To state it a little more directly: No believer is perfect; all are forgiven. In no area is that understanding more important than when dealing with our approach to things about which...

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The Perfect Law of Liberty: Three principles that constrain our liberty in Christ

In today’s ever-expanding secular society people eagerly embrace liberty, defining it as “absolute freedom,” and insisting that they have the right to live as they please. There are no constraints because their “self-defined” right to freedom justifies whatever they choose to do. Such twisted thinking produces a world without boundaries, where adults, as well as children, have difficulty discerning right...

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