Racism: Guilty by Reason of Sanity

Many Politicians in our country have forgotten how to think for themselves. (Notice that I did not say they have “lost their minds,” only that they have forgotten how to use them.) They listen to the news media; seek the counsel of advisors, who are analyzing the impact of the news media, and then take a position according to what they have learned. It is not unusual for them to state an opinion one day, only to reverse their position the following day because of “new information” they have received from “updated” sources. Their new statement includes an apology accompanied by a “reasonable” explanation for their previous error in judgment. Yet reason plays little part in their reversal. In most cases their change of heart has far more to do with the popularity of their position – as reported by the media. Sadly, “reason” has been trumped by political expediency.

It might not be so serious if it wasn’t so destructive. The result of such “non-thinking” is that the future of our country is being significantly influenced by people who are far more concerned with being the first to broadcast a story and gain viewers than reporting the truth. Unfortunately, such urgency makes truth expendable.

When it comes to racism, the consequences are devastating. Every incident that occurs becomes a new opportunity for those (black or white) who are actually guilty of racism to aggressively promote their agenda, and they do so with a vengeance. Their illogical conclusions and unreasonable demands only serve to deepen the anger and division, which appears to be their goal. And the news media is happy to lend their aid.

Expressing a different opinion is not tolerated. Doing so constitutes racism, no matter how logical that opinion may be. Those who condemn looters who are self-imposing vigilante justice are racist. Those who demonstrate compassion for the wrong people (it could be the victims or the assailants) are racist. Those who argue for hearing the facts before making a judgment about motive or guilt are racist. Those who are courageous enough to suggest that all lives matter are racist.

And what is their offense? They choose to have an opinion. It’s that simple. Because they think for themselves they are racist. Logic is condemned because it provides potential for healing, and healing is impossible because those who are feeding the division do not desire healing.

Hateful Crimes – Hateful Thoughts – Hateful Hearts

Hate is a powerful emotion, and it only survives when it is fed consistently. What often (though not always) begins as a minor offense is magnified in our hearts as we meditate on the injustice we’ve endured. It intensifies when we discover that our friends have suffered a similar offense at the hands of the same crowd, and learning that family members have also been mistreated makes it intensely personal. At that point we are primed for vengeance and eagerly seeking an opportunity to release our pent-up wrath.

Hatred becomes the face of a life that is driven by an insatiable desire for vengeance.

Taking a Logical Approach

Our response ought to be driven by wisdom rather than emotion.

  • Don’t anticipate offense simply because of race. Proverbs 24:23 says: “It is not good to have respect of persons in judgment.” Some people see racism in every word, action, or facial expression of those they consider to be “potential offenders.” Looking for opportunities to be offended is unwise, unnecessarily divisive and it can be dangerous.
  • Don’t assume you know the motive of “potential offenders.” Just because someone was looking my direction when he started laughing does not mean he was laughing at me. God alone is capable of rightly judging heart attitudes. To imagine that we possess such ability demonstrates flagrant arrogance.
  • Don’t allocate justice before determining guilt. Many may look guilty who are not, and condemning them unjustly is just as wrong as their supposed offense. Proverbs 18:13 states: “He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him.”
  • Don’t accept “initial reports” of events as factual. Sadly, today’s news media is far more concerned with the size of their ratings than the accuracy of their reports. Anyone can post an alarming account of events reflecting their personal bias and agenda, carefully choosing to “slant” the “facts” (theoretical) in their favor.

Unfortunately, there is little reason to expect significant healing anytime soon. As long as there are those who see racism in every word, action, or facial expression of their offender; as long as they are convinced they know the motives of their offenders; as long as they choose to act first and ask questions later; as long as they are willing to believe that immediate reports of events are factual, the conflicts will continue.

You must choose whether you will think for yourself or accept the politically correct opinion of the news media.

Just be aware that if you do, you will be charged with racism… and that’s a fact!

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